Best Money Management Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Written by Pravin Patil

Money can be the solution to ALMOST every problem, this makes it such an important resource in one’s life because we just can’t imagine a life without money. There is no surviving without it, as everything you need to survive (except the air) needs money to be bought. So managing such an important thing should be of prime importance.

Best Money Management Apps of 2017 to help you keeping track of expenses.

Previously money was all about cash and cheques in fewer occasions. But since we are living in a digital age and some call it “The Information Era”, almost everything can be done online if you are having a computer or simply a mobile phone with an internet connection, work can be done with ease.

keeping track of expenses

Keep track of expenses

Since almost everyone owns a mobile phone (Android or iOS platform) nowadays, there are many apps on both Google Play Store and App Store of iOS, which have all the cool features. Among them, we are going to see 6 such apps which will make your life easier my managing your precious money.

It’s useful for almost everyone with a bank account and who is very much calculated when it comes to spending the money. Also, people who are spendthrifts can consider this very useful as they can keep track of the money they are spending.

In order to list down the apps, we considered a few parameters.

  • Must have better features and functionalities.
  • Must not charge much to the user.
  • Must have a simple UI which can be used even by a non-technical person.
  • Overall the app must not be heavy (on RAM and battery consumption) and must be easy to use and still manage to have most of the functionalities.

Alright then, let’s have a look at these top 6 money management apps for your Android/iPhone which will make your expense management easier.


6. Money View Money Manager (Free)


Money View – Money Manager (Android only)

Money View Money Manager analyses transactional SMS to track account balances, expenses, and ATM withdraw. As soon as you open the application we can see the page which displays the bank balance which is synced with the SMS from the transactions done before.

Note: Money View does not gain access to your personal SMS, bank OTP’s, passwords and account numbers. Money View recognizes accounts only based on last four digits mentioned in an SMS. Money View uses bank-grade security & encryption – so your data and money are safe.

Money View analyses transactional SMS to track account balances, expenses, and ATM withdrawals


Set Daily Budget:


Set & follow a budget

Also, we can set the daily budget which will come in handy to keep track if we are overspending. There is also this feature where you can add a credit card or another bank account manually from the menu and all of them can be managed using this single app.

Bill Reminders:


Get bill reminders & pay bills on time

We can see all the latest transactions being displayed along with the dates and with whom the transaction has been done. Also, for the people who are very forgetful, there is a bill reminder which keeps you reminding of the unpaid bills.

Find ATM with Cash:

In the menu we can see more cool features like “Find ATM with cash”, this feature is quite cool because with nowadays as people are facing a lot of heat with lack of cash in ATMs, this app with help of Google Maps keeps track of the ATMs which are active in last few hours, we can set the time manually too.

Expenditure Analysis:

Another cool feature is that we have these bar graphs which will help inform us the amount of money spent in that month which is quite useful and looks cool too.

Money Blog

One unique feature is that it also has its own Money View Blog which will be updated every day with many posts related to money, investment in stock markets and more. These posts will help you understand financial affairs in a better way.

* Other functions
– Split bills with friends
– Keep track of office reimbursements
– Grow money faster using Savings+
– Save on taxes using TaxSaver+

Android App


5. Money Manager Expense and Budget (Free/Paid)


Money Manager Expense & Budget (Android/iOS/PC)

Money Manager Expense & Budget is another app where we can manage personal finances. Business and personal financial transactions can be recorded and generate spending reports with ease.

Money Manager makes managing individual finances as easy as pie! Now simply register your personal and business economic transactions, create spending reports, review your daily, weekly and periodically (monthly) financial data and manage your assets with Money Manager’s expense tracker and budget planner. It works similarly to Money View except for a few features.

Calendar View Analysis:


Improved Calendar View

As soon as we open the app we can see the transaction page, by default it is set to daily transactions but we can check the calendar to jump to any date to view expenses on that day, this feature is quite cool as I found this missing on other apps. Similarly, we have got weekly and monthly transactions.

Credit / Debit Card Management Function:

In this app we need to add bank account so that we manage the transactions, even credit cards can be added where we can check for the assets and liabilities. Also, we can keep track of the investments, overdraft, loans, insurance etc., which is yet another cool feature of this app.

Photo Save: 


Save your receipts to your expense records

This one comes handy when we are splitting bills, where we can add a snapshot of the bill for future reference. Besides, it is kind of cool as you can use it as a memory log of your expenses. The one thing which will irk the users is the advertisements which get popped while the app is in use, this surely will not be liked by most of the customers.

But as great people used to say, “there comes a price for everything”, there is a premium upgrade of this app which we can purchase for INR 220/- which will remove the ads and will also unlock a few features like PC sharing manager where you can use this from PC too, and you won’t have any restrictions on a number of bank accounts.

Now I know, most of you reading this might think why to pay for the premium upgrade when you can get it for free. Yes, definitely you can get it for free by downloading a premium mod apk from any developer website.But I strongly recommend you not to do this because piracy should not be encouraged, secondly Google doesn’t keep track of unknown sources and you can lose out on key security features of this app, not good when it comes to real-time money.

Most of the features are already included in the non-premium version itself, yes I agree that ads are irritating and people who are willing to spend a few bucks can go for it.

Another cool feature is that we get this theme select option where we can choose a color of our choice which will give a good feel while using.

* Other functions
– Change of starting date
– Calculator function (Amount > upper right button)
– Sub Category ON-OFF function

Android AppiOS App


4. Monefy – Money Manager (Free/Paid)

Monefy is yet another app for the management of money which I have to say is quite simple and doesn’t need much of an exploration in the app to find the functionalities of it.

For the people who don’t need much of the animation and extra features, this app is best for you’ll. The UI is quite simple and very easy to use.


Monefy – Money Manager (Android/iOS/Win)

As we can see, almost all the functionalities are on the homepage itself, in the middle we can see the account balance and surrounding it are the categories of the transactions. Bottom of the page are the buttons – and + which are used to add the money to the account.

As mentioned, the UI is quite simple and swiping the menu will result in the display of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transactions and we can choose a specific date.

Whereas however, we have categories (which is already present in the homepage), accounts – in which we have the payment cards, currencies, and other settings.

There are also a paid features in this app like passcode protection for extra security, adding more categories, widgets etc.

This actually won’t be necessary because most of the features are unlocked in this app but for people who wanna explore all the features, can buy the paid version.

* Other functions
– Select your currency
– Use budget mode
– Backup and export data in one click
– Passcode protection
– Multiple accounts support
– Built-in calculator
– No ads

Android AppiOS AppWindows App


3. Manage Expenses & Invest in MF (Free)

This is yet another app which is for analyses of transactional SMS to track account balances, expenses and keep track of the bills.

This app also known as ETMoney is a Times of India group product and by the company’s standard, we can expect a good product. This has got an amazing UI (User Interface) which feels quite good when in use.


ETMoney App (Android only) to manage expenses, invest in best mutual funds & buy insurance without any paperwork

As we can see it needs access to SMS for the transaction history and bills that need to be paid. There is a bill reminder which keeps reminding of the bills that are due and once paid we’ll get an acknowledgment of it.


There are other cool features like Smart Tax, Smart Deposit, Insurance, Investments which most of the people might feel not necessary and is not up to the mark, but trust me, I use this app and it shows the best offers and suggestions for the Investments and the insurance.

Apart from the normal security features, it has also got an additional security by putting an App lock for it, it can be opened using a 3×3 pattern we see in the android or a PIN will do it for you.

The graphic items are really good to see, they help us understand even better about the expenses and the transactions that have been made.

There is this unique feature of this app which I felt quite cool and useful, we have a monthly report of the expenditure and transactions and upon that the app automatically distinguishes between the category of the transaction like Net Banking, Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, grocery etc. Cool!! Isn’t it? 😉

* Other functions
– Personalized offers from your bank and favorite merchants
– Invest in the best mutual funds without any cost or paperwork.
– Purchase mutual funds without any paperwork, even if you are not KYC verified.
– SmartDeposit feature gives you up to 8% interest Vs 4% on your savings without much risk.
– Get smart suggestions to help you improve your performance.
– Investing or withdrawals from the app are absolutely free for users.

Android App


2. Money Lover – Money Manager (Free/Paid)

So as we keep scrolling we get the best one’s coming, clearly this is (Money Lover – Money Manager) one of my favorite money management apps which can literally do everything for you.

Best Personal Finance app – The Independent

This ain’t like a regular money management app, but has got ton of features to look at, we’ll be going through them one by one, so just ‘Keep Calm and Scroll’ 😉

Multiple Accounts and Currencies:

To begin with, it initially requires you to sign it with your FB or connect with your Google account and after the sign in it will ask you for the permissions for the media access to download the icons and transaction image access.


Multiple currencies and wallets (cash, saving accounts, debit card, etc)

This feature is a good addition to the app as I saw this missing in all the other apps, this lets you choose the currency for your money.

Well, most of you might feel this isn’t that important, but for the people who are frequent travelers to other countries will surely love it.

This is another such feature which I feel is really nice, as previously we have seen that the apps are keeping track of money based on the accounts and transactions from them.

However, here we also get to keep track of e-wallets which are becoming very popular nowadays after demonetization and lack of cash and growth in the digital transactions, this will surely help.

We have seen this feature of categorisation of transactions in other apps too, so I would not like to stress much about it, but the amazing thing is that we get to see so many categories in it and the list just keeps going, the developers of the app have done a great job and there’s more to go! 😀

Currency Converter:


Currency converter for frequent international travelers

So, guys like I mentioned already, this ain’t just a normal Money Management app, this is something more, so why not add a currency converter to it? 😉

People traveling to different countries and also people who do international transactions a lot you don’t need to switch apps, this will do it for you.

As we can see, in the menu almost everything is covered like time range, daily transactions etc., which we have seen in the other money managing apps. But there is something special in this one.

We can manage all our wallets in this single app and keep track of them, since using each wallet and keeping track of each one of them is quite difficult for people with so many wallets so this app will do it for you, keeping all e-wallet transactions at one place.

Free vs Paid Version:

Now comes the part where users might get irked. Yes, you are right, even this app has ads popping in between when we are using it.

So these can be removed by purchasing the premium version of the app which will unlock other features such as new icons, receipt card etc., which I don’t feel are quite necessary, but for the people who would like to explore more go ahead and buy them as it is worth it.

Android AppiOS AppWindows App


1. Walnut All Banks Money Manager (Free)

Well as we know, we always save the best for the last, even in this case we did the same. This is the best money manager (Walnut Money Manager) which can keep track of your transactions and monthly bills. Even this app like others analyses your SMS and detects the bills and transactions.

Once you install it on your Android device, it requests for the SMS reading permission followed by requests for the contacts and location.


Walnut is the best money manager app (Android/iOS) to automatically and securely track your monthly spends & pay bills on time.

So about the homepage, it’s nothing different from the apps that we have seen before, the same things like the daily, weekly and monthly transactions, so there isn’t much to say about the homepage.

The real thing is here where we discuss the unique features in this app, where it gains the upper hand over the apps we have seen previously.

Know your Bank Balance:


Know your bank balance – Real time updates

This is a unique feature where you can get live updates on your bank accounts to know real time balance. Walnut has almost synced all the banks with their respective contact number, where a user can get live status of any bank account by just a tap. This makes me fall in love with the app, over and over again. All my bank accounts at one place, brilliant!

Walnut Pay (Send & Recieve Money)


Send & Recieve Money using Walnut Pay

TRANSFER MONEY to your friends for FREE – send money direct to bank accounts, no more money stuck in wallets, no need to remember account numbers and IFSC codes. In this app, we have its own wallet (Walnut Pay) which can be used for the transactions. Also, we can create groups with our contacts who have signed up for Walnut.

Pay Credit Card Bill:

Using Walnut Pay service you can pay your credit card bills with just a tap. You can use pre-registered debit cards for the same. Moreover, you can set reminders so you will never miss the deadline.

Here we also have its own blogs where we can have a better insight of the financial matters that most of us might not be aware of, so this will come in handy.

Request Service for Specific Merchant: 

I have been using LIC credit card since long back. Earlier Walnut was not able to read SMS from LIC Credit card as it had no database for the same. I requested them to add the same and I was surprised to see that it was added in the very next update. You can request for your merchant through “BIZ SMS” section from the main menu.

We can see the couple of topics being shown above which I’ve read and personally feel they were very much professional and also helpful for those who don’t belong to financial stream.

Yet another cool feature where we can find the ATMs in real time which were active in the past hours, the app actually keeps track of them and shows them using google maps.

Other Features:

– Always keep an eye on credit card dues – no more surprises at end of month!
– SPLIT expenses with friends – The slickest bill split experience!
– Find ATMs with Cash near you in real-time
– Bank and credit card dues at a GLANCE
– EXPORT your data and generate expense reports
– 40+ Banks and cards supported (India only)

Android AppiOS App


Why Walnut?

Now, most of the people might think why the app has been rated 1st among the apps which were included previously.

  • Yes, I agree all the features were covered in the apps that were shown previously.
  • But, this app, in particular, is light on a phone and also rather than installing many wallets and other apps, just the walnut wallet will do it for you.
  • Another rule is that the app must be simple to use i.e., the UI must be simple and should be understood by the person even with the least of knowledge.
  • All the important functionalities have been covered which were need by a good managing app.

Yes, there are a few things where it loses:

  • An absence of the currency converter and the change in the currency could demerit it. But that doesn’t matter a lot since they are not of much importance, and as we know there isn’t a perfect app and each of them have their own pros and cons. Yet, we manage to find an app that is relatively better when compared to other apps.

Your turn: What we missed? Anything in your mind to add it up here?  Let others know if there are other money maneger apps on Android/iOS/Windows phone. Come on the board, comment below and share your own thoughts and experience about this topic.

Quick Rewind

1. Walnut All Banks Money Manager (Free) – Android and iOS

2. Money Lover – Money Manager (Free/Paid) – Android, iOS, and Windows

3. Manage Expenses & Invest in MF (ETMoney) – Android

4. Monefy – Money Manager (Free/Paid) – AndroidiOS, and Windows

5. Money Manager Expense and Budget (Free/Paid) – Android, and iOS

6. Money View Money Manager (Free) – Android



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