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Why is My Phone Charging So Slow and How to Make it Charge Faster

Written by Pravin Patil

We have all been there, it’s 8 am, and you are about to leave for work. You grab up everything you need, and finally, you reach to your phone and guess what? Your phone is in the red and about to die because you forgot to pump it up last night.

Okey, now you have 10-15 minutes at your disposal, and you are hoping to charge your phone as much as possible without being late. You curse your phone while thinking why is my phone charging so slow and how to make it charge faster?

How to make your phone charge faster (Android or iPhone)

Smartphones are rapidly improving by adding new technologies and features in every next update. Applications are adding up high-end interface day by day and making batteries drain faster than ever before. Even though most of the smartphones come with inbuilt support for quick/turbo/power charging, there is a large number of smartphone users (both Android and iOS) struggling with the same headache of slow charging, every day. If you are being curious about quick charging feature, here is a heads up.

Smartphones with Quick Charge support come with an algorithm called Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV).

In short, your phone will continuously monitor the amount of power required while being charged and pull up the required amount of power accordingly.  Find out 7 helpful tips below on how to make your phone charge faster.


1. Find a Turbocharger for your Android/iPhone


Turbo/Quick Chargers can charge faster (5X times)

Turbocharging requires primarily two things, a turbocharger and a device that supports turbocharging. Even though your Android phone might support fast charging, it might have come up with the normal one.

Quick Charge 3.0 supports voltages ranging from 3.2V to 20V.  while Quick Charge 2.0 could only support 5V, 9V, and 12V. You can check the compatibility of your android phone with quick charging here. If you can’t find it in the given list, just google it and you will know.

Is your Android device compatible with fast charging? If yes, then go ahead and upgrade to the turbocharger that comes with more power and ultimately charge your phone quickly. You can just google and find out one for your device.

For iOS users: 

iPhone doesn’t come up with quick charger; however, many reports suggest iPad 2.1A/10W adaptor for the iPad could charge the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus faster. We would recommend you to check with the technical support before you go for it.

Update: Apple confirms that iPad adapter (12 W) is compatible with most iPhones and helps most of the devices charge faster. So go ahead and get one for your iPhone and make your iPhone charge faster than before.


2. Charge at Airplane/Flight mode


Phones charge faster on Flight/Airplane mode

What if your phone doesn’t support quick charging. There is a great tip to charge your phone faster using this simple tweak. Just put your device on airplane mode. You can switch to “Airplane” mode by using the quick toggle in Android.

You can also find the option by going into phone’s settings. This shuts off all the cellular, radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections which suck the battery at background even when the device is not in use.

No matter what device you have, Android, Windows or iOS, you can always turn flight/airplane mode on while charging, it almost doubles up the speed of charging. Also, note that in airplane mode you will be completely disconnected from cellular coverage. Just make sure you use this tweak accordingly.


3. Don’t use the USB port of your laptop/desktop


Always charge your phone using wall mount charger

Just because all Android chargers comes with the universal fitting, doesn’t mean they are same with both wall and USB charger. Unlike iPhone, Android phones and tablets don’t charge faster using USB ports of laptop or PC. On the contrary, they end up with terribly slower charging.

The type of USB port being used while charging plays a crucial role. For instance, USB 3.0 ports allow faster charging than USB 2.O ports. Still, it won’t be as good as wall mount charger. We strongly advise you NOT to charge your phone using PC or laptop in the case of emergencies. Instead, use a wall charger or a turbocharger in case it supports your device.

Note: Make sure you always use a branded and good quality cables to get the maximum out of it. 


4. Turn it Off


Turn it off while charging

If switching to the airplane mode is not enough for you, then go ahead and try charging your phone by switching it off. By turning it off, you are not allowing it to consume power to operate the motion sensors, screen, and related activities. So this will ultimately speed up the overall charging process.

Besides, you can also have some time to yourself. Relax or go back to your friends and family and spend some quality time while your phone is getting pumped up.

So when you are very sure that it is okay to be completely out of the radar for a while, charging your phone by turning it off is a preferable option to make your phone charge faster.


5. Use the power saving mode


Put on power saving mode while charging

Since recent updates of Android M, almost every phone comes with this feature where a phone goes into energy saving mode when less than 20% battery remains. The trick is to keep this mode on while charging.

Note: Please note that the power saving mode will be disabled by default while charging in Android devices, you must install apps like “Fast Charging” to keep the power saving mode on while charging.

It basically stops services like Wi-Fi, background updates and many others which eat most of your batteries. Also, note that by switching power saving mode you might not get the live updates on your email and instant messenger services until it goes beyond 20% of charging.


6. Temperature matters


Charging phone at warmer conditions will slow down the process

Keeping your phone cool will help it getting charged faster. Now, this positively doesn’t mean to put your phone in the fridge. No, that would be a bad (very bad) idea. What it means is to avoid charging your phone in direct sunlight or even in a hot car.

Most of you have started carrying power banks on the go. But charging your phone while it is in a pocket is NOT recommended. Charging phone at ambient temperature surely fasten the overall process.


7. Put the phone down

It is a very common habit of us to keep checking our phones while charging. Playing games while phone being charged again slows down the whole charging process. Besides, every time you check your phone, the power to light up the phone drains the battery unnecessarily.


Bonus Tip 

Here is an additional tip before you go for fast charging. Most of the mobile manufacturers recommend doing at least one full recharge cycle once a month. It means you charge your phone fully (100%) and let it discharge completely without charging before it drains completely. It keeps electrons flowing and helps to improve the performance of batteries, which ultimately improves overall battery life.

Your turn: What we missed? Have you ever wondered why is my phone charging so slow? anything in your mind to add it up here?  Let others know if there are other ways to make phone charge faster. Come on the board, comment below and share your own thoughts and experience about this topic.

Quick Rewind

1. Find a correct fast/quick/power/turbocharger for your Android or iPhone

2. Try to charge phone in airplane/flight mode whenever possible

3. Always use a branded charger and avoid charging through PC and laptops.

4. If possible, turn it off while charging

5. Avoid charging phone in direct sunlight or in a hot car

6. If phone is dying, charge it by activating “power saving” mode

7. Once a month, do a complete recharge cycle by draining it completely down, followed by a full recharge



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Pravin is the Author and Founder of An engineer by chance and a blogger by choice. Alongside writing for the web, he keeps interest in music, table tennis, reading and of course, twitter (@Gizpad).

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