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On the special occasion of Christmas this year, we have compiled top 5 viral video on the tube. If you like it then please share with your friends and family.

‘Misunderstood’ Teen Makes Family Christmas Video With iPhone

This Apple iPhone commercial for Christmas is quickly going viral.

It showcases a family’s holiday get together with one teen boy who seems completely lost in his iPhone. Instead of taking part in reality and sharing the moment with his relatives, he’s stuck in virtual reality.

But his emotional absence is OK, because he was using his phone to make a Christmas home video the entire time which he shares with his thankful family.


#XMAS JAMMIES – Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family!

To promote their new media website, VisitTheGreenRoom, Penn and Kim Holderness used their production powers to make this adorable 21st century Christmas ‘card.’

Mom, dad, and their two kids star in the cheesy Christmas-themed spoof of Will Smith’s Miami, and rap about their holiday jammies. They also drop plenty of plugs for their careers, but the web seems OK with that for now.


John Lewis Christmas Advert – view the emotions

Shows the remarkable emotional power of a 90 second TV ad being viewed for the first time.  This one is my all time favorite.


 How does Santa really get from roof to roof?

Parkour master Ronnie Shalvis is well known for his epic parkour-themed videos. He’s gone viral many times before, most notably for his Assassin’s Creed Parkour and Star Wars Parkour videos.

In honor of Christmas, he’s returned to dazzle viewers with a very special free running demonstration dressed as Santa Claus.

For once it makes sense to be running and jumping on rooftops. It’s Santa!


What This Airline Did for Its Passengers Will Make You Tear Up – So Heartwarming

WestJet did something so special for its passengers… it was a Christmas miracle you just have to see! The joy they spread that day will bring a tear to your eye.